Key figures are the basis of your success. Because if you can measure changes, you have the opportunity to quickly counteract a negative trend.

This way everyone in the company can see the rising trend or react quickly to negative influences.


Your employees can record their efforts directly in quantifiable feedback. At the same time, a global comparison in one area of production spurs the competition for positive output. Because every employee wants to show a high level of success. This creates an appreciation among colleagues. Learning from the best.


The current key figures of all locations are displayed transparently and bundled together. Quick decision-making leads to process optimization worldwide. Fast reactions lead to full success through measurable actions.


It is important to preventively maintain and keep an eye on the production facilities. Defective aggregates or machine parts lead to longer downtimes than constantly conducting minor maintenance. We offer you the possibility to see this at a glance.

Shift leader

Supporting untrained personnel in case of problems is a benefit especially for the leading personnel. Because employees who have been working in production for many years know what they are doing in their sleep. But supporting new employees in problem situations is a significant relief and strengthening.