Production Data Acquisition (PDA)

In our product world, production data acquisition corresponds primarily to the recording of production interruptions.
In the broadest sense, machine data acquisition also belongs to this area.

Machine-based acquisition

Our solution creates a direct machine connection as the basis for the most precise production data acquisition possible.

Automatic reset

In order to relieve the employees as much as possible, the interruption reason is automatically reset as soon as production starts again. So the information is very accurate.

Set-up times

The mode in which a workplace must be prepared for a product must be given special treatment. This is because in this mode machine starts and malfunctions are expected in a certain way. During this time, automated status changes are prevented.
These unproductive times cannot usually be prevented - but they can be minimized through favorable detailed production planning.


The various reasons for a loss of production can be freely defined. The times are divided into two fixed groups.
The planned downtimes include unplanned shifts (e.g. night shifts, weekends) and non-existent orders.
On the other hand, there are unplanned downtimes such as lack of material or machine damage.
These reasons can be recorded by the employees at the MES-Terminal.
This forms the basis for the availability factor of the overall system efficiency.